Four Killer Holiday Marketing Ideas for Spas & Estys

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While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing your spa or esthetician business, one thing is for sure this holiday season. You need a cohesive plan that reaches your clients both online and off.

So today, our NewMed Concepts staff want to share four killer holiday marketing ideas for spas and estys that have caught our eye this season and span both digital and physical spaces.

Killer Idea #1: Theme Your Holiday Season According to Trend

A single holiday theme or subject matter this season can streamline all of your marketing efforts. That said, it’ll take more than a simple “It’s Christmas!” to peak client interest.

Here are some thought-starters:

Nature Is Trending for Christmas 2019

Nature themes will be big this holiday season. Think natural ornaments, wooden accessories, and outdoor lanterns to complete your displays and imagery.

Incorporating this trend should be easy and inspiring. Natural and plant-based ingredients are already big in the best-selling skincare and body product lines these days anyway.

2019 Holiday Colors and Lights

Midnight and cerulean blues are hot hues come December as either main or accent colors. Warm golden lights continue to trend as well. And a touch of silver (or gold) tinsel could complete your glamorous winter wonderland.

As a nice bonus, these elements will perfectly frame the sleek Image Skincare, Aspen Green CBD, and Hush&Hush product designs. Use them both in-store and in your marketing materials (graphics and photos for direct mail pieces, gift guides, and other digital efforts).

Glam Up Your Holiday Charitable Giving

Many of us choose a specific charitable cause to support each holiday season (which we’ll discuss further below). Why not let this guide the direction of your holiday theme?

How so?

Well, for instance, every year the Salvation Army hosts an adopt-an-angel tree program. It would be simple to center your spa’s holiday theme around angels or toy soldiers and still stay on-trend.

If you have a specific cause or some theme ideas and need a sounding board, call NewMed Concepts. We love a good brainstorm session!

Killer Idea #2: Host a Seasonal Charity Drive

Hosting a charity drive this holiday season will bring more clients through your doors regardless of whether they have an appointment. Simply begin promoting your cause the first week of November, begin the drive after Thanksgiving, and run it through the date of your choosing.

To entice those last-minute givers, host a drawing for a top-selling gift set from your holiday gift guide. Each drive gift a customer donates equals an entry to win!

A seasonal charity drive is a feel-good opportunity for clients that also enables you to promote holiday gift-buying and work on January bookings.

Speaking of January bookings…

Killer Idea #3: Let January Offers Make Great Gifts

The holiday season isn’t usually a time when you have to worry about filling your spa schedule. Clients are typically clamoring for appointments prior to holiday parties, slipping in a little self-care before family visits, and swinging by for holiday gift guide purchases.

Still, the new year looms ahead, so why not stack your efforts? Take a look at your historical sales data for the first month of the year, and identify key areas in need of improvement.

One great way to jumpstart your January numbers? Create great Christmas Gift offers for January redemption. You could include them in your client Christmas cards, in Thank You notes, and in your digital marketing.

Killer Idea #4: Improve Your Retail Display Before the Season Begins

Did you know NewMed Concepts actually offers one-on-one training for helping you improve your retail display? Reach out to set a time to discuss!

In the meantime, here are a few quick keys to freshening up your holiday displays.

“Eye Level Is Buy Level”

Your most profitable lines should be right at eye-level, and you should place impulse buys directly below them. Your lower-tier products should be set below the rest.

While this is true year-round, you can rely on seasonal sales data to make appropriate shifts for the holiday. Make sure all signage or messaging is at that eye-level, too.

Engage All Five Senses This Holiday Season

Again, this is something you can adjust by season. Following some of the recommendations with lighting and color above will take care of sight, but what about changing up your music and your samplings to address the other four? A little bit of thought and effort can help you craft a holiday wonderland in your spa.

Carry the Theme All the Way Through.

Your retail shelves shouldn’t be the only place where holiday cheer is felt in your spa or salon. Draw a client in from the moment the bells jingle on the door. Incorporate your theme through table runners and centerpieces, small but luxe throws, and more.

Ready or not, here comes another holiday season!

At NewMed Concepts, we want to ensure you feel prepared. Our advisors are always available to offer guidance, advice, and training whenever you need it.

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