3 Tips for Increasing Repeat Visits to Your Med Spa

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Do you have a plan in place for customer retention in 2019? In such a competitive industry, spas cannot reach their goals by exclusively focusing on new clients.

Did you know…

  • Repeat clients book 70% of all visits to med spas.
  • Just a 2% increase in customer retention can decrease marketing costs by 10%.
  • Repeat customers often make the best referral sources.

Regular bookings can also give you a better sense of how booked you will be in the upcoming weeks or months.

Here are three customer retention marketing tactics you can add in 2019 to decrease costs, increase bookings, and boost confidence in long-term growth.

1. Client Education

Follow-up appointments are beneficial for skin care maintenance…but do your clients know that?

Train your staff to hand out resources and talk to clients about maintenance after their treatment. If clients know what type of follow-up treatments to get and how often to get them, they’re more likely to make a second (or third!) appointment.

2. Automated Emails

When first-time clients sign up for a treatment, request their email address and consent to send periodic marketing emails.

Once you have this contact information, you can add it to a segmented list based on the treatment they received. Then you can set up a series of automated emails targeted at their specific needs, reminding them of related specials and treatments to encourage them to make a return visit.

3. Packages and Programs

Why leave booking a second appointment for after the first one is over?

Consider special packages that include multiple visits. Encouraging clients to come back for a second visit is much harder than encouraging them to come back for a third, fourth… or fifteenth!

Membership and rewards programs also encourage customers to return for special discounts. Members can also be added to a separate email list that sends out special offers to add exclusivity to their purchases.

May 2019 be the year of customer retention and increased growth for your med spa business!