NMC Team Coaching

Unite your team and make your goals a reality.

This program is designed for businesses that are ready to elevate their company experience. You are growing and proud of what you have build so far. You’ve taken a chance in building a business and creating opportunities for your clients, staff, and the community. You wear many hats and are struggling to get to the next level but you’re not sure which tactics are best. We guide you in clarifying your mission and give you the strategies needed to unite your team. You will gain the tools to make your business profitable, build confidence in your leadership, and create a strong team culture. When everyone on your team has a clear vision they work together and make your goals a reality.

What's included:

Our working relationship will be scheduled with the owner or designated head of the team. This will include orientation steps via email along with a virtual meeting to be sure you have your materials and to schedule your meetings.

2 virtual conferences will be scheduled per month over a 12-month period. We will review strategies that are the framework to your success and discuss deeper mindset shifts that allow you to grow personally and professionally. You will work on your action steps between our sessions.

1 60-minute intensive strategic planning session will be scheduled with the owner or designated head of the team to review your business assessment where we will discover the current health of your business. We will customize an exclusive plan based on your business assessment and your goals.

2 Q&A sessions per month during our time together. We understand thoughts arise and questions come up in between sessions. We have added this extra time for you to get answers and/or have a safe, supported place to roll your new inspirations and ideas around.

As a NMC Team Coaching Member you will have access to our exclusive community. Here you will have the opportunity to interact and meet new friends. Insights, inspiration, announcements, and Q&A can also be found here.

You will receive complimentary attendance for the registered team members to our MasterClasses that inform and inspire.

As an exclusive bonus for our Team Coaching Members, you will receive a preferred membership rate on all NMC Retreats.

Let's get started

With NMC you’ll get the positive support you need from an experienced coach who understands what you’re up against.
Finally stop struggling and make more money so you have the freedom to do what you love.