Learn about the success of other pros
who partner with Gayle and NewMed Concepts.

“The success I experience today, after a decade in this industry, is tied closely to continued extraordinary support from Gayle.”

“For 11 years, I’ve been partnering with Gayle to grow my business. My experience running a small business, like many others, could be characterized by an endless roller coaster of challenges and overcoming those challenges to experience fulfilling success. Through all the ups and downs, Gayle’s attentive and personalized support has provided a steady foundation on which I’ve grown both personally and professionally. 

The success I experience today, after a decade in this industry, is tied closely to continued extraordinary support from Gayle. My business has grown every single year, even through a worldwide pandemic. As I enter my second decade in this industry, I’m excited to continue my partnership with Gayle.”

/     Robin Berning, CLC, CSC, Reiki Master, Life Coach     /

“Because of Gayle’s knowledge, our product sales number soared under her guidance.”

“She steered us in the proper direction with respect to her marketing knowledge and experience.”

/    Joseph P Hunstad M.D. FACS     /

“Gayle is one-of-a-kind in the beauty industry. NewMed Concepts is an incredible and much-needed resource for all aesthetic industry professionals.”

“We are excited about the future of our spa services and retail with NewMed Concepts on our side.”

/     Vanessa Keitt, Marketing Manager at Re Salon and MedSpa     /

“A knowledgeable, professional, efficient, energetic, driven, and talented group of up-and-comers with a great response time.”

“The price is very worth it. You cannot believe the things they know how to do with the web and your website. The whole group is good with individually talented members – using the right person’s talents for any given task, working smarter.”

/     Dana Cole     /  

“[They are] charged with energy and a team of professionals to be the wind guiding your sails.”

“You will reach your marketing destination in their hands.”

/     Shantel Daniels    /

“They are knowledgeable professionals who are responsive, flexible and helpful in every way.”

“I trust them for their honesty and integrity, and I enjoy working with them on a regular basis.”

/     Sarah Geringer    /

“I’ve done business with them for many years now, and have always experienced excellent service at a fair price.”

“Their authentic customer care has been comforting when stuff online does (and it always will occasionally!) not function effectively due to a server or something. Speed and competence meet integrity and compassion with this company.”

/     D. Duplechain     /

“We have been through many changes in the 13 years we have known each other in the skincare, wellness profession.” 

“Gayle goes the extra mile for everyone she comes in contact with. “

/     Julie Joseph, Beauty Coach     /