NMC Coaching

NMC's Membership gives you the coaching you need to grow your business.

Get better results faster.

This option is for high achieving go-getters, entrepreneurs and practice managers who want to
move extraordinarily fast in building and growing their business. In this program we schedule one 60-minute session and one 30 min Q&A session per week to get you on track and accelerating through the process of building your brand story, attracting the ideal clients, and making more money.

I roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with you, to work on each assignment and give you the crucial feedback and tools you’ll need to get moving quickly. This is the most popular program and creates the best results by far because you simply have more time with me and more guidance from me.

Ready to connect?

We know what it’s like to have a heart filled with excitement and determination.
If you are eager to start growing and leveraging your business now, we would love to connect with you!

NMC Membership Benefits

Results appear faster because of your increase commitment level.
These results become integrated in your practice more permanently than just an occasional class.
It gives you a structure that gives you support around any lack of clarity, focus, or confusion you may have.
The program gives you consistent reinforcement around your intention to change your situation.

NMC Membership Extras

Our membership gives you access to these incredible resources:

– Private Community to interact with fellow members, ask questions, and get help
– Implementation time
– Taped recording of sessions so you can review as many times as you want
– Complimentary training from JV partner
– Blueprint

– Promo calendar
– Free hand outs
– Templates
– Scripts
– Business Made Simple Book
– Business Made Simple University enrollment – free
– My Business Report free assessment

NMC's Six Activators

If you set yourself up for success anything is possible. These 6 areas are where successful aesthetic leaders and their practices excel and all of them are covered in our coaching.

What makes you different? Refining your story and communicating it clearly to attract your ideal clients and keep them for years.

A step-by-step path for your clients to purchase product and service offerings easily while monitoring the marketing progress and rewards. You’ll delve into how to build a successful sales funnel to keep clients coming back.

Product & Sales
You must have a profitable product. Businesses get complicated as they grow. Quickly analyze how to monitor the health of your business and close more sales.

Have a clear sense of what you want to bring to the world and have a life plan.

Time Management
How you can get more done in less time. Being strategic and working only in your unique brilliance.

Business Strategy
Create systems that will help control your business that smoothly run the things that can be automated and free up your time. Knowing how a business really works.

Launching January 2023