How to Boost June Revenue with Father’s Day Promotions

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Sunday June 20, 2021 is just a few weeks away. So, if you haven’t already, it’s time to start some Father’s Day promotion planning to ensure you’re leveraging the holiday properly!

To help you with this, NewMed Concepts has pulled together four inspiring concepts to get your creative juices flowing. Before we share them, though, we want to address something you might hear from your clientele, “my dad’s not much of a spa guy.”

Here’s the truth: every dad wants to look as good, feel as energized, and smell just as great as the best looking, feeling, and smelling guys around. The International SPA Association Foundation published a study, in fact, that found men represent 47 percent of spa-goers in the U.S.! 

Excited yet? You should be! That’s a lot of potential for June Revenue. See how you can take these Father’s Day promotion concepts and adapt them to your spa or salon’s current menu offerings.

Hops and Barley-Infused Treatments

Offer a package that pairs locally-sourced craft beer tastings with a variety of hops- and barley-infused hydration and exfoliation skin treatments. Infusing these oat-like ingredients into everything from foot baths to facials to full-body soaks is one easy way to adapt timeless treatments from your regular menu.

Gentlemen’s Barber Experience Options

Provide a full-on barber experience option for dads who would enjoy a gentleman’s haircut — wash, scalp massage, condition, blow dry, and cut. But don’t let the grooming options stop there. Bring on the steam, the moisturizing facials, or a customized mask element to help dad address issues like razor burn and sun exposure.

If you don’t offer all of these things in-house, this could be a great opportunity to network with other spa and esthetic professionals in your area!

Sports Massage Add-Ons to Father’s Day Gifts

Suggest adding a gift certificate to clients’ overall Father’s Day sports package for a trigger-point or myofascial release massage that targets areas specific to dad’s interests. For instance, a golf-themed pack could include a massage that focuses on upper body range of motion for that perfect swing. Dads who run might prefer a full-body massage.

PRO TIP! To ensure a Father’s Day gift certificate doesn’t go unused, go ahead and include an actual appointment date and time. When an appointment is set, dads are less likely to skip.

More-for-Less Incentives

Think about how you might be able to increase your overall revenue per guest by looking at ways to maximize your clients’ benefits.

  • Could a wife booking her husband for a barbershop experience get a percentage off when she books a father-son experience?
  • Maybe a free flight of craft beers comes when three or more dads are booked for a Hops and Barley package at once.
  • There could be an incentive for a second appointment on treatments requiring follow up.

PRO TIP! Give a secret nod to momma for planning these special gifts with a free gift or significant incentive of her own on a spa treatment when she books at the same time!

For help fleshing out your Father’s Day promotions or advice on how to best promote them, reach out to Gayle and schedule a consult. NewMed Concepts can help you reach the June revenue goal you’re shooting for!