Stainless Steel Roller Tips for Estheticians and Spa Pros

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Cold therapy and facial massage are excellent techniques to treat inflammatory skin conditions and promote lymphatic drainage after client treatments.

Stainless steel rollers combine massage and cold therapy into one convenient device, and can be used both in your spa and as part of a client’s home treatment plan.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Rollers

Sometimes, simple treatments provide some of the best results, which is certainly the case for these handy devices.

Stainless steel rollers have many benefits. They:

  • Promote lymphatic drainage
  • Cause the skin’s blood vessels to constrict, reducing redness and puffiness
  • Reduce inflammation in the skin
  • Release tension from the facial muscles, relieving headaches and reducing stress

These devices can be used at room temperature for massage and to create a cooling sensation, or they can be refrigerated prior to use for more targeted cold therapy.

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Incorporating Stainless Steel Rollers into Your Clients’ Treatment Plan

Ready to give stainless steel rollers a try for your clients?

In spa settings, stainless steel rollers are generally used as the final step of facial treatments, providing relaxation and a cooling sensation to the skin.

For cold therapy (as mentioned above) it’s best to refrigerate the rollers prior to using them. You’ll also want to use two rollers — one for each hand. Gently roll them over your client’s skin to provide a relaxing and cooling facial massage.

To incorporate into clients’ home treatment plans, teach them how to use the device at the end of the session, and offer it for purchase as part of the recommended daily skincare regimen between spa sessions.

You might even like to take some home yourself — they’re great not only for skin treatments, but also for minor skin irritations such as bruises, cuts, scrapes and bug bites!

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