3 Things Estys Should Know about Facial Extractions

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Why is it that more than 13.5 million US consumers booked at least one facial last year? One huge reason is having a skilled professional gently clear away blackheads, clogged pores, and the other impurities without causing unnecessary damage to the skin.

They needed someone who can properly prepare the skin before extractions, perform them safely, and set them up for lasting results after.

When clients turn to you, understanding and applying just a few key pre- and post-treatment processes to your facial extraction services can quickly build your reputation for quality facials.

Pre-Treatment Consultation: Know Your Client’s Blemishes Before Treatment Begins

One thing we all have in common is skin blemishes. The other? No one wants them! So a big part of our business is helping to clear these blemishes.

The processes we use to clear clogged or compacted pores (or acne) are known as extractions. And they are usually included in facial appointments.

What’s different from patient to patient is the types of acne and the reasons it is present.

Your Treatment Recommendations Depend on This Information

These two key pieces of information affect your approach to helping your client clear their skin. You wouldn’t, for instance, clear away blackheads the same way you would a nodule.

You also wouldn’t necessarily recommend the same treatment for someone taking certain medications or experiencing hormonal changes as you would to a client who may be incompatible with certain skincare products or cosmetics they are using.

Whether you separate your consultation as a preliminary meeting with a client or reserve some time at the outset of a new-client appointment, you must incorporate a pre-treatment consultation into your process.

Post-Treatment Services: More Than Just Add-Ons

Once extractions are complete and the skin has been cleaned, there are a number of post-treatment services that can enhance the work you’ve already completed.

The results of poor lymph flow include:

  • Dull skin
  • An accumulation of blackheads
  • Stubborn hyperpigmentation

And the most effective post-treatment techniques are designed to promote lymphatic drainage, to stimulate circulation, and ultimately to eliminate waste products from the skin.

Popular Add-on Treatments Clients Love (and You’ll Love, Too!)

These services are what will give your facials more lasting results for your clients. They are also a relaxing way to end what can sometimes be an uncomfortable facial treatment process.

Both of which will keep your clients coming back…and recommending you to their friends.

  • Stone or Foam Rollers over the face and neck help clear the “superhighway” of circulation to and from the face.
  • Scalp Massage aids in the release of tension held tightly in the forehead and jaw and increases blood flow to the scalp.
  • CBD Oils from hemp are also proven to aid in correcting skin conditions like acne with certain underlying causes.
  • Clay Masks are known to pull toxins from the body and absorb excess oils from the skin.

Sanitize and Sterilize Constantly… and Tell Your Clients About It

Nothing can damage your reputation more quickly than working on clients in a subpar environment. Never leave the day undone. Always end with both — sanitizing your workspace and sterilizing your tools.

Remember, you are a clinical professional. Providing a clean environment is your duty of care to your clients.

  • All tools require cleaning and disinfecting with EPA-registered products.
  • Invest in a professional-grade sterilizer or autoclave to kill microorganisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.
  • All work surfaces should be cleaned between patients, and after your last appointment.
  • Tell your clients about your protocols. Besides actually maintaining everyone’s health, it’s also an effective marketing strategy.

Want to learn more advanced information about facial extractions? Sign up for the “Be a Rockstar Extractor” class.

By learning about and applying NewMed Concepts’ suggested facial extraction tips and techniques, you’re certain to deliver your clients exciting, effective…and recommendation-worthy results.