How to Use Social Media to Power Your Digital Spa Business

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Traditionally, spas have been popular because they offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A physical place where you can go to slow down and relax – to block out the outside world.

Unfortunately, in the current stay-at-home environment (regardless of what’s legally allowed), marketing your spa as a physical respite from the world is probably going to be a tough sell. You need to at least bolster your traditional in-person offerings with virtual alternatives. That goes for marketing, too, and one of your most powerful digital marketing tools is social media.

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Why Social Media Is So Important

Many of your current and future customers are social media users. Whether it’s Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, or others, these platforms allow you to meet our customers where they’re at. Plus, social media allows you to create awareness of your business and brand to help you build interest. This can not only help you generate sales online now, but also in-person when that becomes more of an option later.

How does it help you do this specifically?

Tells Clients You’re Open for Business

Right now, you may not be “open” to the public, but you are open online. But it must be clearly communicated to people that you’re open for business. How do you do that? Through social media!

One of the things that makes social media so incredibly powerful is that it allows you to target your specific audience. You know who your customer is, and social media allows you to use analytics to whittle the target down even further so you can get a solid idea of who is interacting with you online and who is buying your products.

Lets You Reach New Clients

While social media is great for keeping in contact with current customers, it’s also a valuable tool for organically expanding who you serve. Not only can your current followers share your content with their friends, there are various ways to “boost” or promote your updates, and you can do so in an incredibly targeted way — such as people in your area, or the friends of your current followers.

Helps You Make Products Accessible

People like for things to be simple and are much more likely to buy products from you if you drop-ship items directly to them or arrange for curbside pickup. Social media accounts provide you with a way to communicate these kinds of offerings to customers — and get them to take action right then!

Another great thing about social media is that it allows you to track your results, so if you want to target those who are interested in curbside pickup, it allows you to see how successful your efforts are so they can be tweaked easily.

Social Media Tools That Can Help

There are all kinds of tools out there, but we like these particularly for beauty professionals.

Image Skincare’s Ready-to-Go Marketing Assets

Image Skincare provides pre-made social media images and other marketing assets through Image Relay. You can use these assets to share events, advertise products, and so much more.

Here’s their tutorial:

StreamYard for Live Streaming Events

StreamYard bills itself as “a live streaming studio in your browser” that works with Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others. When you do Facebook Live events, for example, StreamYard allows you to put a banner at the bottom of the screen allowing for tips via Venmo during the event. This is a good way to also share your phone and email for one-on-one consultations.

The best part? It’s totally free!

These are challenging times for everyone. But if you can offer your calming spa services in some way to your clients, then they’ll be clients both in the digital world and real life.

If you need help developing your social media strategy, contact NewMed Concepts to help!

Want more resources, tips, and education for spas and estheticians? Click here to sign up for our email newsletter.